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Fishpot Lake Resort Reservations

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Children 16 years of age and under are free with your stay.
2 Adults are included with your booking, each additional adult after
this would cost $10/per night

I would like to book:

Cabin 1 - $75/night (tax incl)
Cabin 2 - $75/night (tax incl)
Cabin 3 - $65/night (tax incl)
Cabin 4 - $75/night (tax incl)
Cabin 5 - $75/night (tax incl)
Cabin 6 - $80/night (tax incl)
Cabin 7 - $90/night (tax incl)
Cabin 8 - $85/night (tax incl)
Camping - $15 per tent/camper/RV per night (tax incl)

Summer Special #1
Summer Special #2
Work Group Special
Company Name:

Hourly Boat Rental - $15/hour (plus tax)
Daily Boat Rental - $75/day (plus tax)
Hourly Canoe Rental - $10/day (plus tax)
Daily Canoe Rental - $40/day (plus tax)
Please elaborate on when (date/time) you want the boat/canoe rentals:

Animal Visitors:

$10/dog/week stay
Number of Dogs:

In the summer months we do have a small horse coral that is
available for guest use in the resort itself, but prior to any horse
arriving at the resort, the owner must contact us to see about this corals availability.

$10/horse/per night
Number of Horses:
We appologize but we are unable to have cats stay here at the resort.

To make a reservation we require the following information from you: a Valid Credit Card Number with expiry date, your name, address and phone number. If you are unable to provide us a credit card number than a deposit of 25% is required prior to your booking.

Deposits are fully refundable if cancelled within 14 days of booking. We regret that we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies. If cancelled with less than 14 days notice the resort has the right to retain 25% of your booked stay. With less than three days notice the resort has the right to potentially retain 100% of your booked stay if a suitable replacement cannot be found.

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